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Send report in pdf format as attachment in email
is written in c# .net4 for Microsoft Dynamics Crm 2011 on premise users.

The main idea for creating it as console application was the ability to run it with windows task scheduler on a timely basis.
It's up to the user to deiced when he would like to get the report.

Inorder to run the application you have to:

1 )Update the configuration file to your server settings.
Parameter to change:
<add name="Xrm" connectionString="Server=http://localhost:5555/Basic; Domain=xxxxx; Username=yyyyyy; Password=123456"/>
<add key="DataBaseName" value="Basic_MSCRM"/>

2) Update/create the xml file with the report/email data.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<to></to> /the list of email to send to (must be a systemuser or contact in the crm/
<templatetitle>test1</templatetitle> /* global template name to be used*/
<id>96F4B715-7C8F-E011-827D-000C2915D26D</id> /the Guid of the sender/
<entityLogicalName>systemuser</entityLogicalName>/the schema name of the sender entity type/
<format>PDF</format> /can be exported also for word/excel etc./
<reportname>test</reportname> /* the name of the report*/
<filename>test.pdf</filename> /the attachment file name /
<subject>report</subject>/subject name of the note in the crm (attachment)/
3) Export the report for external use before using the application.
4) run the application with the path to the xml file as argument.

MSCRMSendReportInEmail.exe c1.xml

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